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Access Passes: museums, parks, and skiing

Ottawa Public Library has a number of Access Passes that provide free general admission to museums, parks, and other sites of interest in the Ottawa area.

Think of the Library before your next outing and borrow an Access Pass from one of our open branches.

  • Artpass

    Jacket cover: Artpass

    National Gallery of Canada

  • Ingenium pass

    Jacket cover: Ingenium pass

    Access to Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum and the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

  • Nature Card

    Jacket cover: Nature Card

    Provides access to the Canadian Museum of Nature

  • Museum Pass

    Jacket cover: Museum Pass

    Provides access to both the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum

  • Ontario Parks 2024 Commercial Vehicle Permit

    Jacket cover: Ontario Parks 2024 Commercial Vehicle Permit

    “Check out” nature at your library!

    More information: Ontario Parks
  • Museum pass

    Jacket cover: Museum pass

    This pass has been suspended indefinitely. This pass provided regular admission for a family (maximum of 4 adults and 6 children) to: Billings Estate National Historic Site, Bytown Museum, Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, Diefenbunker: Canada's Cold War Museum, Goulbourn Museum, Nepean Museum, Osgoode Township Historical Society and Museum, Pinhey's Point Historic Site, Vanier Museopark, Watson's Mill, Fairfields Heritage House.

  • Kanata Nordic Season Pass

    Jacket cover: Kanata Nordic Season Pass

    Each pass provides free access to Kanata Nordic trails for one family.

  • City Of Ottawa Ski Pass

    Jacket cover: City Of Ottawa Ski Pass

    Provides access to Mooney's Bay Ski Centre trails.

  • Gatineau Park cross-country ski pass

    Jacket cover: Gatineau Park cross-country ski pass

    In partnership with the National Capital Commission. Provides access to the trails of Gatineau Park.

How to use museum, park, and ski passes

Find the pass you want on this page and click on "Check availability" to see where you can borrow it. To provide equitable access, passes are Express items and cannot be put on hold. You can check out one pass at a time for up to seven days.

Before you go, review the visiting hours, information and requirements for the place you wish to visit. The visitor experience at certain sites may be different than it was before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Access Passes from the Library are valid for general admission only. Special exhibitions or events may require additional admission fees.

Because we receive a limited number of passes from partner organizations, we cannot adjust quantities based on demand, like we do for other catalogue items.