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About OPL

Vision, Mission & Values

OPL’s vision is to build community and transform lives; our mission is to inspire learning, spark curiosity, and connect people; our core values are Community, Inclusion, Integrity, Intellectual Freedom, and Literacy. Notably, intellectual freedom is a cornerstone tenet that underpins the Library’s role as a curator of information and a champion of information literacy. OPL supports intellectual curiosity and enquiry as well as the free and open exchange of lawful information and ideas in a democratic society, respecting individuals’ rights to privacy and choice. OPL is a shared public service, part of the cultural, educational and community fabric of the nation’s capital city.


OPL’s Service Delivery Framework includes three service channels: virtual, facility, and mobile, through which OPL delivers five categories of service: collections, expertise, programs, spaces, and tools. 

Vision • Mission • Values

Guiding Principles

Service Categories

  • Collections
  • Expertise
  • Programs
  • Tools
  • Spaces

Service Channels

  • Facility
  • Mobile
  • Virtual


OPL has a collection of more than 1,851,000 physical and digital items in a variety of formats. The collection provides the foundation for literacy, cultivating the joys of reading, learning, and exploring and creating for all ages. OPL’s collection contains English, French, Cree, Ojibwe, and other languages, as well as a wide range of digital content such as eBooks, eAudiobooks, streaming (for film, television, music), high-calibre online learning tools, and reference and research databases. Of the more than 1.8 million items in the collections, 72 per cent are books. However, OPL also lends musical instruments, telescopes, access passes to museums and parks, and other items for public use such as CO2 monitors.


Library staff, including librarians, library technicians, and other experienced employees support information and literacy needs of customers by providing recommendations about the collection, assisting with research, and supporting the use of technologies including eReaders, hardware, software, creative spaces, and other resources.


OPL creates cultural, creative, and literacy-focused programming that helps customers explore the depth and variety of resources in the collection. OPL also hosts events that connect people, spark curiosity, and meet diverse community needs. Check out OPL's event listings



Imagine Space view of worktables and equipment
3-D Printer / Laser Cutter

OPL provides equipment and technology to use on-site. Tools range from everyday essentials (such as photocopying and printing) to new technologies for learning and experimentation. A prime example is the creative technology at OPL’s Imagine Space, which includes 3D printing and modelling, laser cutting, audio-video editing, green screen and video gear, hand tools and electronics, a wall-to-wall whiteboard, and more.

Fun Facts

  • OPL has a service area of 2,700 km2
  • The longest distance between branches is 88 kilometers between Vernon and Fitzroy Harbour
  • OPL was the first to provide publicly-accessible Wi-Fi in Ottawa (in 2008), well before Tim Hortons (2012) or Starbucks (2010) introduced it across Canada!
  • The Ottawa Room’s collection includes over 1,200 maps, from 1856 to the present
  • ‘Reading’ a book is offered in many forms at OPL: in print, as an audiobook, as an eBook, in Braille or in picture format.
  • Thirteen branches are located in or beside recreational City buildings:
    1. Beaverbrook (John Mlacak Recreation Centre)
    2. Constance Bay (Constance/Buckham's Bay Community Centre)
    3. Cumberland (Ray Friel Recreation Centre)
    4. Fitzroy Harbour (Fitzroy Harbour Community Centre)
    5. Greely (Greely Community Centre)
    6. Greenboro (Greenboro Recreation Centre)
    7. Metcalfe (Larry Robinson Arena and Metcalfe Community Centre)
    8. North Gloucester (Splash Wave Pool)
    9. Osgoode (Stuart Holmes Arena and Osgoode Community Centre)
    10. Rockcliffe Park (Rockcliffe Park Recreation Centre)
    11. Ruth E. Dickinson (Walter Baker Sports Centre)
    12. St-Laurent (St-Laurent Complex)
    13. Vanier (Richelieu Vanier Recreation Centre)