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Pieced Together StoryWalk

 Pieced Together StoryWalk:Rainbow, pirate ship, walrus shaped puzzle piece in purple, reindeer shaped puzzle piece in brown,robot shaped puzzle piece in yello,treasure chest filled with books, red puzzle piece wering a bandana and hook | Sentier des contes en morceaux: Arc-en-ciel, bateau de pirate, puzzle de couleur mauve en forme de morse, puzzle de couleur marron en forme de renne ,puzzle de couleur jaune en forme de robot, coffre au trésor rempli de livre , puzzle de couleur rouge
  1. Read the Story Page. Words in all caps are meant to be acted out with sounds, movements or both !
  2. Choose  what you want to happen next.
  3. Find the icon that represents your choice on another Story Page to continue your story.
  4. Take the StoryWalk many times.

Different choices create different stories.

Can you find all four endings?