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Accessible Collections

At the Ottawa Public Library (OPL), we are committed to making our resources available to everyone in our community. OPL’s accessible collections can be requested and delivered to any library location. Below is more information about OPL’s accessible collections, including their accessibility features and language availability.

Large Print Books: Adults and Children 

A large print book is just like a regular book, except the words inside are bigger and easier to read. Large print books contain the full text of the book but are printed in a clear type in at least 13-point font. This makes the book easier to read. 

Available Language(s): English, French 


E-books come in different formats like PDF, EPUB, and OverDrive READ. Accessibility features can vary depending on the specific e-book but include things like such as font size adjustment, text-to-speech capabilities, and options to change the background color to sepia and use dyslexic-friendly fonts. 

Available Language(s): English, French, Other languages (varies by item) 


Audiobooks are available in various formats such as MP3, CD, and downloadable files. These formats let people hear books read out loud. 

Available Language(s):  English, French, Other languages (varies by item) 

DVDs with Subtitles 

 DVDs with subtitles are video recordings that include captions displayed on the screen. This helps people read what is being said.  

Available Language(s):  English, French, Other languages (varies by item) 

Audio Described DVDs 

Audio Described DVDs are videos made for people with vision problems. They include someone talking over the video to describe what is happening on screen.  

Available Language(s): English, French, Other languages (varies by item) 

Children’s Braille Books 

Children's braille books are like regular picture books, but they have braille added on top of the pictures and text.  

Available Language(s): English, French 

DAISY Audiobooks: Adults, Teens, and Children 

DAISY stands for "Digital Accessible Information System.” DAISY audiobooks sound like other CD audiobooks, but users can also search, place bookmarks, navigate line by line, and control the speaking speed without adding distortion. DAISY Audiobook are books on CD, but they cannot be played in standard CD players. You can borrow a Victor Reader, or you can download free software like AMIS to play this format. 

You can borrow DAISY audiobooks if you have a learning, physical or visual disability that makes it difficult to read conventional print. Talk to a library staff member to update your library card so that you can access DAISY audiobooks. Once this change is made, you can also use your OPL card use resources from the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) 

Available Language(s): English, French