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Explore our NEW Central branch at Ādisōke webpage!

View of Adisoke in the winter

Wed, Dec 21, 2022

We have a brand new webpage for our Central branch at Ādisōke – have a look, explore Ottawa Public Library’s spaces and shared spaces at Ādisōke, and leave us your ideas and thoughts on this future landmark destination! 

Discover the Central branch at Ādisōke

We’ve accomplished a lot in 2022, and we can finally see this project taking shape on the building site. Ādisōke started the year as a literal hole in the ground and ended the year with the completion of the substructure.Have a look at this video of the construction work that took place this year: 

Ottawa’s new Ādisōke joint facility is well underway


Do not close the Main Branch

I do not care if you want to build ten new libraries, just leave my branch alone. Main branch has the highest number of walk up customers and now they will not be able to access a library. All so Watson could have a legacy to counteract his LRT debacle.


I can't wait! Me, being a book lover, will love a new mega library, where everybody will come together!


ive been waitin, all year