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Accessing WiFi at OPL is now easier than ever!

image of internet connection

Jun 03, 2024

We're happy to inform you of a significant update to  WiFi access at OPL! The Library no longer requires visitors to Library branches to provide their physical library card number and PIN to access OPL’s free WiFi network starting Monday, June 3! Here’s how to access WiFi at the Library: 

  1. Accept the Terms and Conditions: 

  • When you arrive at any of our library branches, simply connect to "opl-bpo1” network from your device. 

  • Open your browser, and you’ll be automatically redirected to the “Welcome to the Ottawa Public Library WiFi” page. 

  • Here, you’ll find the terms and conditions for using our WiFi service. Read through them, and if you agree, click the button to connect. 

  1. Enjoy Seamless WiFi: 

  • Once you’ve accepted the terms, you’re all set! You can now browse, stream, and stay connected without needing your library card number and PIN. 

  • Our WiFi network covers all areas within the library branches, so whether you’re in the reading nook, the study area, or browsing the collection, visitors will continue to have reliable internet access.